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Application and requirements


Important information regarding Covid-19

Last few months have been difficult for all of us. We had to learn to live and do a lot of things differently. World wide quarantine is a unique precedent in history with its struggles and possibilities either. We are forced to make a huge leap towards online communication if we want to continue a lot of things we used to do, for example studying.

So we are happy to announce, that this year will be very special for Ars SummerFest, because for the first time we are going ONLINE! Students will have an opportunity to participate in a masterclass with well-known professors despite the quarantine.

Furthermore, there is a -50% discount for all the courses. The dates of masterclasses will remain the same except for Reinhard Latzko and Maria Kliegel lessons – they are postponed for 2021.

EARLY BIRD registration is extended to 11th of May.
You are still also able to qualify for the main prize – Lithuania Concert Tour 2021 until the 11th of May!


Ars SummerFest 2020 ONLINE Faculty:


Džeraldas Bidva - June 30 - July 5
Dalia Dedinskaite - June 30 - July 5
Stephan Picard - July 7-11


Gleb Pyšniak - July 7-11


Anna Geniushene June 30 - July 4
Lukas Geniušas - July 5-9


Džeraldas Bidva, Dalia Dedinskaite, Gleb Pyšniak - June 30 - July 11

Who can apply?


Violinists, cellists, pianists of 14-35 years old.

If You are younger and You wish to participate, send us Your teachers reference and a video recording - we might make an exception! 



How should I apply?


Step 1: download and fill out the APPLICATION FORM 


Step 2: prepare the required documents

  • a high-resolution photo;

  • passport copy;

  • payment confirmation (registration fee).


Step 3*:

  • for those, who apply for recital - competition: upload a DEMO video to YouTube;

  • for those, who apply for scholarship: upload a DEMO video to YouTube;


*Skip step 3 if You only wish to apply for violin, cello or piano masterclasses.


Step 4: send everything to the following email address: 



What are the requirments of STEP 3

  • to be accepted for the Ars SummerFest Academy "Recital program - competition" or to be selected for scholarship upload a video of Your performance to YouTube. Your DEMO video should contain 2 different character pieces or movements, max. 10 - 15 min. lenght. Mark Your YouTube video as "Unlisted" or "Public" and copy the link to the APPLICATION FORM.

  • If You want to qualify for the Prize "Lithuania Concert Tour 2021" or to receive the scholarship, You need to prepare a recital program (max. 40 min.) for the Ars SummerFest. The program should include pieces, which are originally written for Your instrument solo or chamber music with piano (please note, that concertos with piano accompaniment will not be accepted for the recital program).

  • The program on which You wish to work during  the masterclasses can be different from the recital program (Concertos are welcome!).

  • A high-resolution photo and Your current biography for the concert advertisment.

About the scholarships

  • The scholarship covers the masterclass fee

  • There are up to 3 scholarships available for the masterclasses

  • The scholarship receivers will be asked to perform extra concerts during the festival

  • The registration fee of 60 eur for scholarship is non-refundable


When is the deadline?

  • The applications are open from the 10th of February until the 31st of May 2020.

  • If You are planning to qualify for the recital and competition to win "The Lithuania Concert Tour 2021" or to receive a scholarship the deadline to apply is the 20th of April.


The payment confirmation of the registration fee (60 EUR) must be sent together with the application.  

You will receive a confirmation email in 3 days after Your application. The course fee must be transferred in one week after You receive the confirmation email.



  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: apply by the 20th of April and save the registration fee!*


*The payment confirmation of the registration fee (60 EUR) must be sent together with the application. Later the registration fee (60 EUR) will be deducted from the course fee.



In case the course is booked out before the 31st of May, the registration will be closed before the deadline. Don't wait too long! :)



The registration fee and the course fee should be transferred to the following account:


Name: VSI „Ars Lituanica“

Bank: Swedbank

IBAN: LT767300010138285477



How much does it cost?


Please visit: FEES

The registration fee and the course fee should be transferred to the following account:


Name: VSI „Ars Lituanica“

Bank: Swedbank

IBAN: LT767300010138285477


Application form

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