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Travel Tips


Staying in Vilnius

!!Free accommodation in host families is avalaible!!

Accommodation in Vilnius is not so expensive! For a reasonable price You can find a nice hotel:

double room with breakfast starting from 50-60 EUR per night (2 persons)

single room with breakfast starting from 45 EUR per night (1 person) 


A cheaper way of accommodation would to find a private apartment for rent (starting from 30 EUR per night)



The SMART OPTION is to share a room or apartment with another participant. We could help You finding a roommate for the summer academy, just let us know! 


Contact us for the best accommodation suggestions, we will be glad to help You! 

How to come to Vilnius



Take a flight to Vilnius and we will pick You up at the airport!

There are standart airlines, as well as low-cost airlines (Ryanair or Wizzair) flying to Vilnius. 




Kaunas airport is arround 1 h 30 min away from Vilnius and there are many low-cost flights with Ryanair or Wizzair. Just check it out! From Kaunas Airport You can take a shuttle bus to Vilnius: ollex shuttle bus

Getting There

All info about Vilnius You can find here:

Masterclass, concert and practicing venues

B. Dvarionas 10-year music school: masterclass venue and practicing rooms for string instruments

St. Virgin Maria 's Church

ORGANUM piano salon: masterclass venue and practicing rooms for pianists

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